My current writing process


I’m curious to see how my writing process will evolve over time, so I decided to write this post to capture a snapshot of my current writing process. Step 1 Flesh out the sections using Org mode headings. Step 2 Fill in sections using bullet points, which contain the general gist of what I want to say. Step 3 Elaborate on these bullet points by figuratively barfing on the page with the hopes that whatever comes out resembles a well structured, english sentence.

A vision for a new Supportive Web


If you haven’t checked out the brave browser you definitely should. I really identify with their mission: to give back to publishers and content creators on the web by making it easy for users to pay for content. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to install their browser in order to support content creators. Since I have qutebrowser so tightly integrated into my workflow, this just isn’t practical for me.

Scripts I find useful


I often find myself sitting infront my computer being frusterated by the fact that I can’t find a script to automate some mundane task that I am working on. Then, the following usually happens: I find something online, become even more frusterated that I can’t bend it to my will and finally end up extending it or rewriting it all together. Most of things I write (or find on github) I end up only using only once or twice.