Scripts I find useful


I often find myself sitting infront my computer being frusterated by the fact that I can’t find a script to automate some mundane task that I am working on.

Then, the following usually happens: I find something online, become even more frusterated that I can’t bend it to my will and finally end up extending it or rewriting it all together. Most of things I write (or find on github) I end up only using only once or twice.

But, every now and then, I stumble onto something that is useful enough to be integrated into my daily workflow. So, in the hopes that this may be of interest to others, I have decided to include the useful ones here accompanied by a short description and usage scenario. This is working document, so I will be constantly adding stuff to it.

Helpful Commands

If you need to update the default application to use when opening a specific mime type (let’s say application/pdf for instance), the xdg-mime command is your friend when not using a graphical desktop environment.

# Assuming zathura.desktop exists in /usr/share/applications/
$ xdg-mime default zathura.desktop application/pdf

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